Wood Stove
Hi Gene & Lisa, I did not forget you, it's taking me a little longer to finish the family room.  Please see the pictures of the fireplace, we used it every day until early summer, can't wait till the fall.  Works and looks great, thank you for an excellent installation job.  Dan Lajoie-Swedesboro NJ

Vermont Casting Sequoia Wood burning fireplace installed 2/2012
Customer Feedback
“ Thank you Chimneys R Us,
We love our woodstove! What a wonderful investment! See you when it’s time for our chimney cleaning.”

Jeff & Brittany
“Dear Chimney’s R Us,
Enclosed you will find a check in full payment for the work done at [our residence]. Both my husband and I would like to thank you once again for doing such a wonderful job and being so understanding in regards to us having to have our chimney inspected by our borough. We wish you all the best and a good year to come.”

Mr. & Mrs. K.
Customer Feedback
“Dear Gene,
This is to let you know that we are very pleased with our new Napopeon 1402 fireplace insert. It has far exceeded our expectations.
The insert is heating our entire 2,000 square foot house. The upstairs is almost 5 degrees cooler than downstairs, which is ideal. We are loading the insert at bedtime and choking back the draft. In the morning there are embers which have enough life to light wood for the day. This saves us from having to start a new fire daily.
The efficiency of the insert is incredible. It requires less wood than the former wood stove and there is little ash.
We appreciate the prompt service and the workmanship on the installation of the insert. You came at the scheduled time and finished the day with a fire burning on your departure.”

Walt & Kay P.
Customer Feedback
“Dear Gene,
Enclosed is the check for the chimney cap you installed on our roof. Thank you so much for your kindness and patience. I greatly apologize for the delay in payment. Thankfully, my husband is back to work. We will definately recommend you to anyone who needs your services.”

Thanks again,
Carol C.
Customer Feedback
Thanks for your explanations over the phone and to you and your men for the quality of work that was done.”

Customer Feedback
Thank you so much for the hearth rug. It looks great in our family room and draws even more attention to our stove. It arrived the next day after we ordered it! Thanks again!”

Jen & Cory M.
Customer Feedback
“Thank you for doing such a wonderful job! We knew the brick needed fixed & sealed. Shortly after your visit we received 6 inches of rain and were pleased to see the water bead up and roll away.

I would also like to thank Gene for his professionalism & courtesy. We will recommend you to our neighbors!”

Michelle H
Customer Feedback
Thank you for you for pointing out an obvious leak on my heater. Two professional heating technicians didn’t see it - I called [the heating company] and they came right away.

Many thanks. You saved the day.”

Dr. Ross B.
Customer Feedback
“Dear Gene,
Thank you so much for all your hard work and personal integrity. I am sorry that it took so long to main this check. I had it in my handbag.
Have a wonderful holiday!”

Donna & Bil
Customer Feedback
“ Dear Gene,
I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for taking care of the chimney and giving me peace of mind with the new heater.
In this day and age, I feel there is "slim pickins" in the labor force regardless of what business you’re in, and I’ve seen more than my share of them.

You are very fortunate to have George and the other men working for you. They know what they are doing!! Don’t let them get away!!
Last but not least - you are also very lucky to have Lisa handling calls and scheduling. She is very competent and friendly, and believe me, I’ve seen my share of others that were neither.

I have about 4 or 5 people - including my landscape company - who do work for me and are very efficient and honest. I now add Chimney’s R Us to that list.”
Customer Feedback
“Chimney’s R Us:
I am writing to you to express how well our woodstove was cleaned and inspected. The technician, George, did an excellent job. He took his time and was very thorough. He completely cleaned the chimney and stove and kept the dirt from getting on the carpet. He noted that a couple of bricks were cracked and offered to bring out replacements for us. George is to be commended for a job well done. Thank you for your quality service.”

Kenneth T.
Customer Feedback
“ To Whom It May Concern:
You may receive letters of criticism occasionally, but this letter is one of commendation. Last week your employees came to my home to install a chimney liner. When they first got there, they discovered the terra cotta inside the chimney was breaking up, realigned, narrowing open chimney space and could allow deadly carbon monoxide fumes to come into the house.

The work got started and they returned the next day to complete the work. The three men, [whose] names are Gene H., Gene and Paul who did the work are to be commended for the nice job they did. They were polite, cleaned up all the mess and explained everything to me as best they could for me to understand what they were doing.
Please let them know I wrote this letter and give them my thanks again.”

Very truly yours,
Teresa K.
Customer Feedback
Some words from our happy customers
Dear Gene & Lisa,
We Just wanted to let you guys know how happy we are with the Morso Wood Stove you installed recently. It's perfect for our "rec" roon and we love it. You guys were fantastic in taking the time to answer our questions, picking the right wood stove, and in helping us with accessories. Also George and Mat were great when it came time to installing it, and explained everything. They really take pride it their work.
Thanks Again,

Ed & Patty K.
Deptford, NJ

Enclosed, please find the check.
This is final payment, per verbal discussion with yourself for a job WELL
DONE.Again your guys were friendly, informative and professional.
They did a GREAT JOB, and the chimney looks GREAT!!!! As I say, " it looks
brand used".
Thanks again Gene.
With much appreciation

Scott Colvet
Hey Gene,

The inspector came and blessed everything off. He spoke highly of you guys and said you always do such a great job. He said he has never really seen a stove like this one and that it was very unique.

Let me know when you have the rest of my invoice complete and I can come in an pay my balance.

Thanks for the fat logs, also!

Phil Barnes

We have been burning our new Morso 7948 stove all winter in our geodesic dome home since it was installed in December 2013 and we wanted to express how impressed we are with exceptional quality of the install by Chimney’s R Us in Sewell, NJ! We could not be more pleased with the professionalism and the extensive knowledge of the staff. The crew here has made it clearly known that they really care about making sure we have everything we needed and can continue to enjoy our new stove for many years to come. The crew here understands that a fireplace/wood stove is not only a functional appliance but instead a centerpiece that adds uniqueness and beauty to a home.

Many other places greet you with a sales person with limited knowledge and little to no understanding of the project or what can be involved. This is not the case at Chimney’s R Us. I very was impressed the first time I stopped in and started inquiring about my wood stove ideas. Gene is the man who runs and built this business. He is also one of the crew members out on the jobs and working in the field so his extensive knowledge and first hand experiences were delightfully reassuring! After talking through my ideas and different possible complexities involved (especially the unconventional home design), I quickly realized Gene and his crew were more than capable to make things a reality.

Gene and George came out and laid everything out with me down to the finest detail, all while keeping my end vision in the forefront of the discussion.

In the office, Carol helped us make calls to the vendor (Morso), often right there on the spot, helping us to quickly and accurately get the answers to questions about dimensions and specifics on the stove and other material requirements to assure things went as expected.

They are experts in every aspect of the wood stove and install market. They had everything from placement and sizing of the stove and chimney system, as well as any woodworking and electrical work involving the install. There were no issues with any of the finer details such as paperwork, permits and final inspection. Even when the township inspector came by, he commented on how fine a job Chimney’s R Us always does.

In the end, we have been enjoying a top quality stove that has become a beautiful centerpiece, while at the same time being of perfect size and capacity to complement our geodesic dome home. Overall, exceptional.
Jane Gilmore-Rambler
For anyone needing chimney/fireplace
work - I just had a great experience with: Chimneys R Us out of Sewell NJ
--customer service at it's best!
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